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Being a complete and integrated Control Center facility: Panel Display, summary table, furniture technician, technical adequacy of the room, ambience, we take care of the entire package and work with the best firms nationally and internationally.

Control Software.

We analyze and develop software for Disease Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) of the installation: The reading of the instruments, control actuators, alerts, alarms ... everything is managed from SCADA software with the ability to make reports, graphs, Shipments of communication by SMS, remote control from the Internet. We use different solutions, such as the Siemens WinCC, and we have a team capable of performing tasks for integration with other pre-existing systems.

Management Software.

Quercus Utilities ® is the GMAO software that manages the maintenance of user, predictive, preventive and corrective to the facility. It has a module for managing the resources of the operator (ERP) and integrated with the SCADA Software. Both are based on an engine SQL server from Microsoft that brings robustness and security to the system.


Connect to the communications backbone of the facility adapt to their needs and typographical topographical and distribute in center to jobs and devices all the signals needed for the management of the facility.

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